The Classic, Lite, and Elite have more similarities than differences. The differences are subtle but important. They are all safe, stable, light, ergonomically designed for comfort and functionality with a weight capacity up to 250lbs. They come with non-marking and flat-free tires. All three come standard with the 12AH battery pack which detaches easily, can be brought inside for recharging, and provides up to 8 miles per charge.

The Classic is the original design. This quick, powerful and stable scooter is also an easily portable scooter, closing into one piece or detaching into two lightweight pieces.

The Lite Scooter was designed by a crew of electrical and mechanical engineers.  They designed this scooter with rear wheel drive equipping it with a highly efficient motor that delivers high torque for steep inclines, as well as longevity for long trips. This is the ONLY scooter that does not separate into two pieces!  Weighing only 46 pounds, it folds or unfolds easily, with NO latches or mechanisms.  It is designed to be stored in tight places, quickly and easily.

Lastly, the Elite, three wheel scooter, is designed to be extremely lightweight, compact and powerful. The Elite comes equipped with a patented powerful In-Hub Motor located inside the large front wheel. This “front” easy mover wheel is also designed to help prevent a person from accidentally tipping the scooter sideways. While the Elite is designed with an anti-tip technology, it is important to remember that three wheel scooters are not 100 % immune from tipping. This is always a concern with any three-wheel scooter and there is no way to eliminate this risk, however the anti-tip feature highly reduces this possibility.


Experience the speed, comfort ride suspension and ease of transport with the Titan 3 and Titan 4 Scooters. These scooters appear to be cumbersome, but they easily fold and separate into two more manageable parts. Both scooters have a carrying capacity of 300lbs. They are equipped with solid, anti-tip wheels which can effortlessly ascend or descend curbs. The Titan Scooters run on 2-24 volt batteries, each only weighing 21lbs.

The (two) high-performance battery packs play a large role in performance, delivering plenty of power at all times. The Titan’s battery packs are located in the back, over the back wheels and are easily removed by simply lifting up. There are no latches, pins or wires for you to contend with.

The batteries can be completely charged within 7-10 hours, giving a driving range of  15-20 miles. Keeping the air pressure at the proper level will increase the travel distance per battery charge.

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