Active Passive Trainer


Increases range of motion

The APT trainer facilitates the performance of repetitive movements of the upper and lower extremities. Using the Passive and Passive Assist modes enables users to moderately increase the passive range of motion of the major joints. Once obtained, a novel range of motion should be followed by Active Mode training for muscle conditioning. There are four different ranges of motion, rotation settings.

Reduces spasms

The APT Trainer is equipped with a unique built-in anti-spasm system that works in both the passive and active modes. If your muscles go into spasm, the device stops and switches the direction of movement to release your muscle. The device also has a built-in passive assist . In this mode, you do not have to pedal, the device will rotate your hands or legs to help you build muscles. Passive and Passive Assist modes facilitate slow and controlled rhythmic movements of the extremities. Users with decreased muscle tone due to neurological conditions may benefit from using these modes. Improves walking capabilities. Training with the APT helps to improve walking distance and speed. This improvement is achieved mainly by improving the aerobic capacity of the circulatory and respiratory systems, along with increasing the major muscles’ resistance to fatigue.

Increases muscle strength

The APT trainer enables muscle strength training by concentrically flexing and extending the main joints of the extremities, using five distinct levels of resistance. Additionally, trunk muscle strength and postural control can improve while sitting
unsupported. The APT Trainer helps passive users recovering from injury, suffering from muscle atrophy or confined to a wheelchair maintain muscle tone and improves blood circulation and stamina.

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