When looking to invest in a mobility scooter, remember you get what you pay for! You want a durable scooter! You want to find a scooter that is light enough to lift but sturdy enough to be safe. As you research for your Personal Mobility Vehicle, there are many factors to consider. Will the scooter be primarily used indoors and/or just on sidewalks, or does your lifestyle require a mild terrain vehicle designed for outdoor and indoor use?

How to get started on which mobility scooter is best for you?

Obvious factors are budget and lifestyle needs.       There are other factors to consider such as how much weight can the scooter safely carry?                                              How heavy is the scooter?       How difficult is it to transport or store?

Below I have tried to address some of these questions

What is carrying capacity?
Carrying capacity is the maximum weight the scooter can safely handle. You need to take into account the combined weight of yourself and potential purchases.

The Lite, Classic and Elite weight limit is up to      250 pounds.
The Titan 3 and Titan 4 weight limit is up to         300 pounds.

What is the turning radius?
The turning radius represents the minimal space needed to execute a u-turn. The smaller the number, the easier it is to take corners and maneuver in tight spaces. BUT is the scooter stable enough to handle this “turning radius”?

                                  LITE    CLASSIC   ELITE    TITAN 3     TITAN 4
Turning Radius       29 in.   29 in.      35 in.     47.2 in.    55.2 in.

Why is the width of the scooter something to consider?
The scooter needs to be narrow enough to easily fit through a hallway, a bathroom, an elevator, or even the checkout line at a store? The minimum recommended door width on new construction is 36” so as to accommodate the disabled, but the average doorway is only 28”-30”. You want your scooter to be narrow enough for you to move about freely whether at home or out. The Tzora scooter is only 22 - 24 inches wide, yet spacious and comfortable! Tzora designed their scooters to be roomy, comfortable, lightweight, yet narrow enough to maneuver anywhere.

                 Lite      Classic    Elite     Titan3    Titan4
Width      22 in.     22 in.      22 in.    24 in.    24 in.

What are Front Easy Mover Wheels?
Front easy mover Wheels, standard on the Elite scooter, are designed to help prevent a person from accidentally tipping the scooter sideways. While the Elite is designed with this antitip technology, it is important to remember that three wheel scooters are not 100% immune from tipping. This is always a concern with any three-wheel scooter and there is no way to eliminate this risk, however the Anti-Tip feature highly reduces this possibility.

Four wheels versus Three?
Four wheel scooters tend to be more stable, yet three wheel scooters tend to be more light weight. With that in mind, approximately 80% percent of mobility scooter owners opt for a three wheel scooter due to the lighter weight. Typically three wheel scooters have better maneuverability in tight spaces. With a lower turning radius. Again this is an area where the Tzora scooters excel. The Classic and Lite are four wheel scooters, but the wheels in the front are set close together providing the rider with the stability of the four wheels, yet the maneuverability of three wheels. This very important feature enables their four wheel scooter to have the 29 inch turning radius, a better turning radius than the three wheel Elite scooter

Is the scooter easy to transport?
YES - The whole premise of the Tzora scooter brand is to provide its owners with a durable, light weight, safe and easy to transport scooter that will enable its owner to have a more independent lifestyle. All Tzora scooters fold easily and quickly. Except for the Lite (which folds in one easy motion), all these scooters can be divided into only 2 parts, plus the battery, making dismantling, reassembling and transporting extremely easy. The weight of each piece is light and manageable.

Does the price include shipping?

Shipping Only in the Continental USA is included.  There is an added charge for Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.

When will my order ship?
Your order usually should ship within 1-2 business days and will be delivered to your residence.

Do you accept returns?
Please see our return policy

What is the warranty?
The warranty is a two year limited warranty that covers any part or electric component of the Scooter that is found upon examination to be defective in material and/or workmanship, it will be repaired or replaced, without charge. Labor charges are NOT included. Purchaser is responsible for the delivery to the authorized repair facility. Satisfactory proof of purchase. For more details see our warranty page.