Why Tzora Scooters?

For 25 years, Tzora Active Systems Ltd. has manufactured sturdy, durable, light-weight, easy to load, easy to fold mobility scooters.  These user-friendly scooters allow you to move about independently.  Whether running errands or traveling, these scooters are built to withstand the repetitiveness of loading and unloading the scooter from your vehicle’s trunk.


Mobility Scooters, otherwise referred to as Personal Mobility Vehicles, help facilitate a more independent lifestyle. Most Mobility Scooter owners are individuals who have trouble walking for an extended period of time. Mobility Scooter owners might be elderly or suffer from a disease like multiple sclerosis or rheumatoid arthritis.

As an example, my mom uses a walker, but an extended outing to the mall is too physically taxing on her. She frequently requires time to stop and rest. This can be socially isolating or simply depressing. On her new Tzora Lite mobility scooter, my mother no longer feels excluded on these social excursions. She is able to keep abreast with the faster pace set by those more ambulatory than her, while at the same time participating in the conversational banter that occurs on these “strolls”.

Why Tzora Active Passive Trainers?

The Active Passive Trainer (aka APT) has been in use in physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers for over 25 years and is now available for home use. The APT is a unique, at home, exercise rehabilitation trainer that combines both active and passive exercise options for both the upper and the lower limbs. 

The wide range of exercise options makes the APT suitable for use by the independent senior citizen for the maintenance of fitness and physical well-being, as well as for the physically impaired of all ages, for exercise, as part of a planned rehabilitation program and/or as a supplement to physiotherapy.

The name comes from the two important features that the device offers: ACTIVE and  PASSIVE training. It combines both ACTIVE and PASSIVE exercise by using your physical efforts in conjunction with the electrical operation of the device. The device also has a built-in passive assist system. In this mode, you do not have to pedal, the device will rotate your hands or legs. It also has the ACTIVE mode with various speeds and resistance settings.

The APT trainer only weighs 22 lbs and can be stowed in a closet when not being used.  It comes with easily interchangeable handgrips and pedals. The APT can be used while seated in a chair, in a bed or a wheelchair.

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lite manonscooter

lite manonscooter