About Us

EZ4 Life Scooters, LLC is a company geared toward those with physical limitations.  EZ4 Life Scooters sells FDA approved mobility products and medical rehabilitation devices. One of our main goals is to provide consumers with mobility scooters that are easy-to-load, lightweight, and can be divided or folded.  These mobility scooters can easily be transported anywhere.  Another principal goal is to provide effective home rehabilitation trainers. These rehabilitation trainers work to improve physical strength in your arms and legs, while not having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Why did I, Jill Shoshan, start the EZ4 Life Scooters, LLC? 

Seventeen years ago, I awoke unable to walk.  After many tests and a week in the hospital, my doctors diagnosed me with Multiple Sclerosis, a disease that dramatically altered my life. I, Jill Shoshan, a young, otherwise healthy, mother of three, was now fully reliant on a walker. I labored for months at home with a physical therapist to regain strength, balance, and to rid myself of my walker.  The road to recovery was long; I am fortunate to be one of those rare few able to return to a fairly active, yet modified, lifestyle.

When I was no longer eligible for home therapy, I found myself self-conscious and embarrassed about my physical weaknesses and limitations.  These emotions paralyzed me from entering a gym where I could continue gaining strength and mobility.  If I was not comfortable going to the gym, how could I continue my rehabilitation? The question stuck with me for years.

Prior to my diagnosis, I had a wide range of professional experiences ranging from financial advising to business operations to sales. I have often asked myself how I could use my marketing and sales experience to provide products that could help people maintain an independent and interactive lifestyle. Since my diagnosis, I developed a heightened awareness for the disabled. I notice and observe those people with walkers, scooters, wheelchairs and canes and wonder how well their mobility aide enhances their life.

When COVID hit, I had to again consider how I could maintain strength and mobility in my legs and arms while not leaving the house. A friend introduced me to the APT-5. My feet were strapped onto this smart, rehabilitation trainer and with a flip of the button my legs were cycling. The passive mode setting was perfect for my needs, and I was awestruck that the machine adjusted as my strength grew.

I reached out to the company and discovered their expertise with rehabilitation products and scooters. Finally, I found the product and industry I have been searching for.

That is the birth story of EZ4 Life Scooters, LLC, a company dedicated to providing you with products that will help you live more independently. I know first hand how beneficial this product can be, and the need it fills. My goal is to provide you with tools to help you maintain an independent lifestyle.

Please inspect the Tzora products on our website.  Feel free to contact me with any questions via email or phone. 

Email: info@ez4lifescooters.com
Phone: (203) 479-0163